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Vendredi 30 octobre 2009 à 19:22

Est-elle en danger?

Selon le statut de conservation, de l’Union internationale pour la conservation de la nature, cette espèce est considérée comme quasi menacée. Ses deux uniques prédateurs sont l’orque et l’Homme, il peut néanmoins arriver que certains requins attaquent des raies blessées ou affaiblies. Cette raie n’est guère pêchée de nos jours.

Si la raie manta est qualifiée de diable des mers ce n’est pas parce qu’elle est dangereuse pour l’homme. En effet, cette raie est paisible et totalement inoffensive. Elle a hérité son nom vernaculaire du fait des corne céphaliques qui se trouvent de chaque côté de sa tête. Ces cornes lui permettent d’attirer la nourriture vers la bouche.  

Par le Jeudi 4 août 2016 à 14:45
As plenty of you comprehend, I have got discussed the side effects of technology on many occasions. Specifically, I am discussing things just like mobile cellular phones, video video gaming, tablets and also pcs, those goods we embrace inside daily affairs inside our lives.
Par le Jeudi 4 août 2016 à 14:45
I enjoy watching cartoons… no feel unconventional or weird if you ask me. It’s a whole lot (a whole lot) totally different from animation. They’re really not merely one and the identical. At almost all.
Par le Jeudi 4 août 2016 à 14:45
You'll find so many of areas to consider when making your reservation for an entertainer. Exactly like any unprejudiced business, there’s any variation inside quality in a entertainer to a new. Some are generally wonderful, some are generally good and many are possibly not as much as the typical you’d foresee.
Par le Jeudi 4 août 2016 à 14:46
In case you own a residence entertainment midsection or looking at new leisure centers to get, you almost certainly have a couple of pre-determined inquiries. There are many different types, proportions, and colors from which to choose.
Par le Jeudi 4 août 2016 à 14:46
Luckily our nephew knew tips on how to manage their particular business effectively, although there are numerous that may well say which usually Luck knowledgeable little linked to his good results. I attained see precisely how he taken care of it.
Par le Jeudi 4 août 2016 à 14:46
Usually the term utilized to explain in which a company desires to visit as time passes is it’s Method. “Strategy” is normally seen considering that the domain from your military and even big business, not business. However, strategy along with thinking strategically is significantly more important for a small company.
Par le Jeudi 4 août 2016 à 14:46
Winter is a wonderful season inside the Grand Canyon Across the country Park. On the list of great advantages for winter weather is how a air will be superior, which usually creates fantastic sightseeing, plus the weather is in fact nice along with cool coming from around 40 dollars degrees.
Par le Mardi 13 décembre 2016 à 8:28
I like the fact you drew people's attention to these problems. We must help save manta ray populations in the wild. <a href=""></a>This is a very right thing to do it to help the ocean.

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